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“Love your dream and you will achieve it”.

Starting API POTHI Channel is a start with living with dream. Day by day industry is growing and everyone looks an opportunity to learn, explore & grow.

API POTHI is one step for it. Content of it is based on day to day IT industry use cases. This helps beginner a lot to gain industry level of experience. API POTHI gives an opportunity to passionate coders to take a step forward to industry level. All the content is in incremental order which will help any student, beginners in IT industry to a pro developer to enhance their skills.

Idea – The Idea of API POTHI originated from a dreamer who dreams and have an ability to fulfill it. Yes, Seeing the day to day life challenges in IT industry motivated me a lot to start it and here I am with API POTHI.

Mission — Create an opportunity to enhance online learning in easy and effective manner to lead to a path from Beginner to Expert.

Vision — LEARN, CODE & DEPLOY to enhance and be in race of the fast running world.

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Owner & Tutor of APIPOTHI

About Author

Dreaming and Dreaming high is something I never stopped. Learning and sharing knowledge is always my first preference. It was just matter of time to begin with it.

I, Om Prakash Jha had tough time during education time.Still as a self-motivator I had the chance to enhance my horizon by studying Master’s degree in “Computer Applications” & “Business Administration”.

I started my carrier as JAVA developer. With moving ahead in carrier I gained experience in multiple language. With time I earned knowledge of many programming language which made me a full stack developer. I have worked in a major domain like health care, financial, retail etc.I received many opportunities which helped me in continuous learning and development. This helped me a lot to enhance my knowledge.

Finally I decided to live with my long awaited dream.

With growing in carrier I could see how hard it is to gain knowledge in right path and order in real time.This motivated me a lot to move ahead with carrier and also fulfill dream which I always thought about.

API POTHI, A channel which provides knowledge with step by step direction is like dream comes true. Started this channel sometime back and started receiving many feedback. Consist work on enhancing it made my channel popular and very short span of time received more then expected views. This motivated me a lot and I started focusing on it more as it was helping many in world to enhance their skills with minimal cost.

Seeing the feedback and interest from people enforced me to take another initiative and here I am about to launch the website. Hope with the support with all viewers and my passion towards learning & sharing will give it a good stability.

Here I am who dreams and work towards it till it becomes true. Happy, satisfied and self motivated.

“Love your dream and you will achieve it one day”.